Who We Are
Last Day of Work iis San-Francisco based independent game development studio. We develop and publish software for Windows Pc, Mac, Palm OS and Windows Mobile™ Pocket PC. We specialize in games that bend the definitions of existing genres and run in true real-time. Since 2004 we have lovingly crafted several highly successful real-time “Virtual Life” simulation games including Fish Tycoon®, Plant Tycoon®, and the Virtual Villagers® series for platforms including PC, Mac, Palm OS and Windows Mobile™ Pocket PC. Our games are easy to pick up and play, while at the same time providing more in-depth and complex gameplay than the typical casual game  
Our Games
Our latest line of games use real time gaming engines. These games appear to continue functioning even when the device is turned off, giving a truly unique sensation of continuity. For more information check out www.ldw.com  
Our Team

Arthur Humphrey – Founder and Lead Designer
Carla Humphrey – Executive Producer
Barbara Bell – Director of QA and Testing
Greg Hospelhorn – Engineer
Walter Humphrey – Engineer


LDW Software, LLC
2269 Chestnut St, #310
San Francisco, CA 94123

bizdev (at) ldw.com
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